Flex PD Offerings

Our negotiated PD calendar includes flexible PD options. The total number of hours for each level remain the same as last year. For a number of years members have asked KEA to bargain PD to meet their differing needs. Both KEA and KPS are offering choices to KPS employees to meet the number of hours required. Please refer to the 2016-17 Contract/Summary of PD Hours for the number of hours you need.

You are responsible to meet the total number of PD hours and log them into the KALPA system.

All sessions will be held at the MEA Office located at  4341 S. Westnedge, Ste. 1210, Kalamazoo, MI. 

KEA will offer a total of 8.5 hours

All offerings will be from 3:00pm - 4:30pm and from 4:30pm - 6:00pm
*Except for Oct. 13th which will be offered in one 2 hour session (see below)

KEA Offerings: (All of these are Flex Offerings EXCEPT on April 12)

Oct. 13th  - Classroom Management (Only one 2 hour session will be offered) from 4:30-6:30pm
Nov. 16th - Understanding Teacher Evaluation Part I
Jan. 11th - Understanding Teacher Evaluation Part II
Feb. 22nd - KEA Roundtable on Multicultural Perspectives
April 12th - KEA/MEA Creating Inclusive School Environments​ (NOT Flex PD!) 
April 26th - MEA Cultural Diversity

Session Descriptions:
MEA Classroom Management Training
This is a training on managing student behavior and learning using non-verbal cues. Using non-verbal classroom management is a tool that facilitates maximum learning in the classroom. This training uses techniques that provide strategies for how the teacher blends management skills into the content while preserving relationships during management. MEA UniServ Director Melvina Gillespie will present.

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Understanding Teacher Evaluation – Part I
Participants will critically evaluate The Charlotte Danielson rubrics as they relate to their own practice. In addition, participants will gain an understanding of how to document their own performance in the classroom.  An overview will be given of the current teacher evaluation laws. This is a 2 part series. Participants may attend each session individually to earn District Provided Professional Development hours.   

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Understanding Teacher Evaluation- Part II
This is a continuation of Part I, although encouraged, participants need not be present at Part I to attend. Participants should bring artifacts and questions to this session.  The artifacts will be used along with the Charlotte Danielson rubrics and videos to evaluate performance in the classroom.  Participants will reflect on their own practice to determine individual strengths and weaknesses. Strategies will be given on how to document domain 5.  

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KEA Roundtable on Multicultural Perspectives
This session will help participants to acknowledge differences in themselves and others in hopes they can better appreciate and respect those differences. The session will be a roundtable discussion focusing on how these differences relate to being able to improve student learning. KEA members Angela Smith. Michelle Wilson-Banks and Tia Whitley will present. 

Creating Inclusive School Environments
Participants will learn the basic steps they can take to creating a safe and empowering school environment for all their students with emphasis on LGBTQ students. The training teaches strategies to interrupt bias and bullying language. This is geared towards school staff in order to help raise student achievement by creating a safe environment. Frank Burger, President of Carman-Ainsworth Education Association and MEA Board Member, will present.

MEA Cultural Diversity (30 participants for session one and session two)
We live in a very diverse world that is shrinking with advancements in technology, but yet, we still are not fully aware of what impact diversity has on ourselves and each other. This session is designed to promote critical dialogue about the issues we face around diversity in our jobs, our homes and our communities. Learn tools to help you become more aware and accepting which will in turn help you to raise student achievement in the classroom. MEA Zone Director, Kia Hagens and MEA Human Resources Director, Mary Halley will present.



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