Kalamazoo Education Association

KEA dues are currently $185/year, NEA dues are currently $187/year. These dues are paid in monthly payments from September - June.  Please follow this linkHEREto see how your dues are calculated for NEA and MEA.

Please help the KEA by using your checking or savings account to pay by auto debit! 

KEA spends a lot of time and money collecting dues from members who want to pay, but have had an expired or compromised credit or debit card.

To switch, go to http://www.mea.org/click onMy eDues, then choose "Payment Method", choose "Add Payment Method", and finally "ACH". 

If you need assistance contact the MEA Help Center at 1-866-632-4357

By paying in full, as a one lump payment, you will earn a $30 rebate from MEA!

Dues are pulled on the 25th of the month from Sept. through June.
If you are on a payment plan, MEA now gives you the option to have the payments taken through auto pay. 

KEA's Membership Chair is Vice President Jen Aniano; if you have any questions about dues, your membership status, or eligibility changes, you can contact her via email at missaniano@gmail.com or you can call the KEA office at (269) 344-5657.