Kalamazoo Education Association

Our Strength

KEA - NEA/MEA RA Delegates:

Political Action

KEA members contribute PAC dollars to fund local, state, and national campaigns for politicians who's platforms include support of public education and fair funding. 


Jen Aniano - Vice President

Term: 10/2016 - 8/2018

Our Vision

Our Members

KEA members are dues-paying education professionals working in the Kalamazoo Public School system.  KEA provides local union representation for membership of the state (Michigan Education Association) and national (National Education Association) associations.

KEA - Appointed Department Chairs:

Betsy McDermott: Seat E

​Term: 9/2015 - 8/2018

Kathleen McIntyre: Early Elementary

​Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

Sygnett Swann: Professional Development & Human Rights Director​

Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

​Tim Russ
Community Involvement

KEA partners with other local associations and community organizations in our efforts to promote social justice, policy change, and a political climate that advances the interests of public education. 

Miranda Rooy: Seat D​

Term: 9/2016 - 8/2019

Amanda Miller - President

Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

Cambray TrapHagan: Employer Relations Director Co-Chair

Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

KEA envisions a public school system that works for everyone. We work hard towards adequate and stable school funding, provision of quality professional development tools to our educators, and  policy implementation that reflects fair and equitable treatment for all.  

Mike Milka - Treasurer

​Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

Christine Payne: Seat C

Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

KEA - At - Large Grade Level Representatives:

Heather Reid: Employer Relations Director Co-Chair

Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

Rebecca Attila-Fried: Middle School

​Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

KEA - Executive Board: 

Maryanna Burleson: Parliamentarian

Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

Anthony Barnes: Communications & Public Relations Director

Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

Kary Mack - Secretary

​Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

Our Goal

The purpose of the KEA is the improvement of education, and the promotion of the professional growth of its members, as well as to represent the interests of its members in bargaining, political action, governance and affiliations. With the strength of our approximately 800 members, we help to ensure Kalamazoo Public Schools has the best quality educators, school counselors, and social workers possible for our students!

KEA - Office Administration

Anne Lewis: High School

​Term: 9/2015 - 8/2017

Levarn Smith: Later Elementary

​Term: 9/2015 - 8/2017

Stephanie Escobedo - KEA President's Administrative Assistant

Graduate of WMU: 2014 - BA (Political Science/Criminal Justice)

Stephanie serves as the only KEA Office Staff person. Stephanie's job functions include running almost all of the behind the scenes office administrative work for KEA. She is the KEA President's Assistant. Stephanie is an organizer at heart, and serves as the KEA office's Organizer and Event Planner. She also built and designed  KEA's Website, manages KEA's social media accounts, and facilitates most of the communication to and from the KEA office. Stephanie attends and assists with KEA Board meetings, Contract Review, as well as various other committee meetings and training facilitated through KEA.    

TBD: Political Action Department Director

Term: 9/2016 - 8/2018

MEA - UniServ Director: